Note from founder

"Don't settle for Average when You Capable of being Awesome"

Dr. Usha Dhawal

Dr. Usha Dhawal

During my long tenure in education and the time I spent with students I very strongly feel that most of the student community lacks in basic principles of how to grow as a successful person in life. The inputs and training which used to be given to children by parents and especially by grandparents is mostly not available to the present generation. The main emphasis of the parents and teachers these days is that their children obtain high score in tests and examinations. All sorts of methods to score good grades in lower classes are used by the parents and teachers forgetting the main essence of teaching and learning process. Most of the students cram to obtain good scores without caring for understanding the concepts and developing relevant skills. Apart from this, the present generation has considerable amount of stress due to high aspirations of parents, peer pressure, emotional and relationship stress. A fear of performance and failure also creates anxiety which in turn lowers the self esteem and self confidence. I personally feel that before entering tenth class, students should be made aware of the learning techniques and a structured action plan to achieve success. Every Child is now sent for couching classes while students who bear good habit of self study, are organized, confident and are familiar with learning process, excel in competitive tests while others only give excuses to parents and hold their circumstances responsible for their failures. In fact many of them worked hard but were not successful because they were not aware about the art of learning and success and subsequently slip into frustration and depression. At that stage it is generally too late.
Er. BalbirSinghl

Er. BalbirSingh

After graduating from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi I became an entrepreneur and set up a small scale manufacturing unit near Chandigarh. However, teaching was my passion, I left the venture and joined teaching profession, I headed institutions as Director/Principal and the mix of the experience I had as an entrepreneur and a teacher gave me a clear conception about why the young professionals passing out of a large number of engineering, management and other institutions are jobless. They are holding their degrees in their hands to beg for a job of any kind. Employers do not find them suitable for their own profession or any other kind of job apart from their field. While on the other hand employers are searching for skilled professionals, which they are not getting. The situation is such that the people who have obtained degrees but lack in professional skills while people who have acquired skills with experience and hard work have no degrees. I determined to work to bridge this skill gap by making them employable. A starting is made by founding POWERURMIND for training people in life skills and to motivate them achieve the required skills without which it remains a dream to get in to employment. Everything is the mind and the thought patterns; therefore training their mind with latest techniques is the key. Conducting a psychometric test is essential to fix the goal for the specific skills to be updated to re-engineer the thought process and a specific direction to achieve desired results. In-house Training is conducted by our team of experts while self help program with support and guidance of our faculty is also available.