Core Team

"A Winner is just a Loser who tried one more time!"

Open means surprises. Surprises of the Fantastic. exciting Learning Process of OPEN BOX. Freedom of learning, everything and anything. The more we have trained, the more we got learning surprises. The more we learn the more we want to train, reach out to those who are willing to learn, life skills or anything else. All the training that happens here improves you. It is real and not a theoretical change. We are known as trainers who IMPROVE! Our Trainers Team have been training for several years and have worked with urban teams, working women, kids who don't know what to do with their lives to....everyone, you name it. And have learnt a few things. Not learnt; they have reconfirmed our belief in certain things! We have understood that people are always willing to learn, and are capable of achieving and reaching for the stars. But they lack guidance. We have also learnt that when teaching happens outside of traditional classroom it gets better results. We have learnt that on the job training builds better and more solid personal.

Dr. Usha Dhawal

Dr. Usha Dhawal

She is a medical Educator, Motivational Speaker, a Mentor, Compassionate Thought-Leader and above all a medico, M.B,B.S with a post graduation in neuroscience. She is the former principal of Govt. Home Science College, Chandigarh, a post graduate educational and research institute During these years she was closely associated with Planning and supervision of post graduate training & research. She has been associated with number of National and international Projects relating to Human Development, Time Management techniques [Switzerland], Stress & Stress Management [Boston University] USA. She has been organizer of National & international Conferences (Social & Behavior Problems). She has vast experiences in administration, behavior of adolescents. She is the founder of Powerurmind Research Centre Pvt. Ltd. which is presently working in the field of techniques to realize the power of the mind, Training course "Sure Success" and career counseling since the year 2004.
Er. BalbirSinghl

Er. BalbirSingh

IIT (Delhi) Post Graduate. An individual who has guided thousands of students, an effective and competent individual with rich administrative experience & knowledge who has demonstrated expertise over the years for transforming institutions into vibrant and dynamic ones by accurate assessment and decisive actions, raising these from unknown institutions to one of the bests in the northern region. Practical knowledge of Electrical and Electronic system designs has Implemented turnkey projects for the manufacture of solar online uninterruptible power supply for critical & industrial loads. He is presently one of the Directors of Powerurmind Research Centre Pvt. Ltd. This provides career counseling to students and guidance for parents.
Mrs. Rashi Chadha:

Mrs. Rashi Chadha

She Is an Interior designer, counselor, educationist and psychologist. She is a senior counselor of our "Powerurmind" team. She has successfully guided students since last 15 years. She has conducted programs on personal development, motivation, time management, goal setting, skill development and many more. Being a postgraduate in English from Punjab University, she has mentored students to improve their speaking skills, self confidence and professional skills to excel in their respective fields. As an interior designer, she has done big interior designing projects ranging from domestic to commercial projects in Delhi and Chandigarh.
Mrs. Archana Seth

Mrs. Archana Seth

She is M.Sc. (Child Development), Gold Medalist from Panjab University, Chandigarh. She is qualified, trained Guide & Counselor and Hypnotherapist from CHII. She had been Director-Principal of Eurokids, an international Pre-school for 5 years. She is an expert trainer & counselor associated with Powerurmind Chandigarh for last five years. Mrs. Archana has rich experience in the fields of child psychology, behavior modification, psychometric testing and career counseling.